Sae-Ren: A Competitive Challenge

Hey all! This is Bubblepop speaking, and I want to bring you an all new kind of challenge. This is the Sae-Ren challenge, a collab between me and EnvyShay.

The Premise
Welcome to Sae-Ren, a small, somewhat post-apocalyptic double-community. After some sort of plague that still no one understands, most of the old city's population was wiped out, and the survivors have immigrated to two small islands. While they have built a bridge between them, the two small communities are anything but alike. And all is not well in Sae-Ren, because due to the plague, any male children born now have only a 6% chance of living!

The Challenge
Each community is to be played with the following rules:
-Play in one-day rotations, the same as an empire city.
-For each male baby born, use a number generator to get a number between 1 and 100. If the number is 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, or 6, he may live. Any other number, and he must die by the method of your choice. Girls always live.
-You must go through every household in your community twice before passing on to the next turn (explained in a moment).
-No interactions with townies or sims from the other community! You have to build it up on your own!
-No subhoods! This may seem a bit odd, but the point is to build a community on an island. I suppose vacation hoods are acceptable, since they're not meant to be part of the town, and universities as well, but downtowns and shopping districts are not allowed.

The Uniqueness
This is meant to be a competetive simming challenge's played with a friend!
Whether it's played as a round-robin between two people, or siblings sharing a computer, or even by yourself with two different playstyles, the point of this challenge is to explore different ways of playing a challenge, and see who can make this desperate, dying city blossom and flourish. The two islands are meant to be played as seperate communities.

Player 1: The Right-Side Island
This island is given five houses for your families to inhabit. They are not marked as to who gets which house, but the largest (surrounded completely by road) is intended for the boys. 
Families: R, Kuriku, Suzumiya, Tamago, Kakasiiiiiiiiii 

Player 2: The Left-side Island
This island is more "from scratch". Five lots are given, each marked with the name of the family intended for it. The Hidaka and Hamada families are intended to be combined into one lot.
Families: Hidaka, Hamada, Yamasaki, Takahashi, Mori, Yoshida

So, try it out! Grab a simming friend, or try it yourself with two completely different ways of playing, and see which community will flourish and which will fall.

This neighborhood has been created with no family playing. All families are in the bin and have not interacted with anyone in any way. To use, just plop it in your "neighborhoods" folder and there you go.

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