Simtorial's Hackless Hacks

You don't really need hacks or special objects for some things. Here is a list of tips on building using clever trickery and moveobjects_on.

Place multiple Great Taste Dining Tables with ends on the same square to make a really long covered table.

Coffee tables make good bedside tables for toddler beds (single or double).

 photo Screenshot_zpsfbbe6277.png

 photo Screenshot3_zps727a4a17.png

You can use snapobjects off, a desk, and a matching end table to make a long desk where the chair is centered.

 photo Screenshot4_zpsb1682547.png

Place an end table under a foundation for a quirky double-shelf look. (You can also raise and lower the ground under the foundation to put it at different heights).

Create a coffee/computer kiosk with two counters, a table, an espresso machine and a computer. All fully functional!

Know another good one? Comments!

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