Summervale Suites

'Nother real lot! Haha. So, this isn't actually set up as a hotel, what with me not having BV, but it's easily converted into one, yes-yes? It's got 26 rooms (which took FOREVER to furnish, let me tell you) as well as a lobby, restaurant/breakfast room, pool, and--hold it!--an elevator that works WITHOUT OFB! I know, shocking! But it really does, haha. Use it for filming or as a regular community lot or convert it to a proper hotel, whatever, here you go.
And, yes, all the hotel rooms are identical.

 photo snapshot_0000001f_1ebf6ab6_zpsfd6bb160.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000001f_1ebf6ad6_zpsfdb5cca5.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000001f_7ebf6aee_zps11a101fd.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000001f_bebf6b00_zps3c74b908.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000001f_5ebf6b3b_zpsbc913edc.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000001f_bebf6b1e_zpsd9642196.jpg

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