The Sims 2: Toddler n Baby Stuff!

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Hello all! The time has finally come: today is the release of my new stuff pack, Toddler n Baby Stuff! This new stuff pack includes several things for your youngest sims, the little toddlers and babies that are oh-so-cute! It has several of my own creations as well as creations by popular and not-so-popular creators. The stuff pack includes objects, build mode items, outfits for both toddlers and babies, nursery sets, and a few extra surprises as well! I want to thank the creators of all the objects once more, and you can find a complete list of these fine meshers and colorers at the bottom of the post. It works just like a regular stuff pack, meaning that it does not require any other SPs or EPs to work- it's compatible with any game situation! But I won't keep you waiting with a long rambling that you've probably skipped right past. (I give you a cookie if you stayed on this long!) I know you're all very excited, so let's get right down to what's in the stuff pack:

Toddler n Baby Stuff! has fifty-one (51!) objects and two (2!) object sets. Five are of my own creation, and you will find thanks to the other creators at the bottom of the post. These include:

 photo MTS_thumb_Honeywell-1239230-3-TheBabyDangle-RequiresAL_zps9911ea9e.jpg
Haffa Crib, The Other Haffa Changing Table, Baby Dangle

 photo MTS_thumb_hopebayler-525415-Pic1_zpsf8a37c7d.jpg
Madison Baby Suite

 photo MTS_thumb_joninmobile-1021177-UnisexClose_zps665b2a9a.jpg
Baby's First Motives Baby Dangle

 photo MTS_thumb_Phaenoh-868539-TikesMonitor_zps4d90bf97.gif
Panda Baby Monitor

 photo MTS_thumb_WitchShock-454703-all_preview1_zps577b8797.jpg
4 Cute Nursery Paintings

Not pictured: Pony with Sulki, Hanging Cradle, Toddler Swing, Round Toybox, Highchair, Round Dollhouse, Doll Carraige, Toddler Tub, Butterfly Lamp, Big Wheel Trike, Toddler Kiddie Pool, Bouncy Seat, Toddler and Infant Quilts, Toddler Eating Table, Toddler Toilet, Toddler Panda Set, Babe with the Power! Pose Box, Toddler Blanket Bed, Toddler Fence, Stork Crib, Baby Gate, Drawings on Walls, Baby Pooh and Friends Painting, Baby Transat, 2 Baby Photos, Sims Nursery Pic, “Imaginary Friend” Teddy Bear Recolor, That Awful Fisher Price Thing Dollhouse, Jumparoo, Swing, Playmat, Diaper Bag, Playpen, Puzzle Piece Playmat, Rocking Chair, Ballerina Music Box, Watch Over You Painting

Build Mode
Toddler n Baby Stuff! has eight nursery wallpapers and one new floor, the Alphabet Nursery Floor.

 photo MTS_thumb_KimsDesigns-614764-preview3_zpsdfa92cba.jpg

Toddler n Baby Stuff! comes with fourteen (14!) toddler outfit sets and two (2!) baby outfit sets. It includes those pictured below and many more.

 photo MTS_thumb_avanex-1058770-ToddlerBallerina_zps574c0700.jpg
Little Ballerina Toddler Dresses

 photo MTS_thumb_Phaenoh-614672-ToddlerUndershirtColorSocks_zps647e1cba.jpg
Toddler Undies with Socks

Nursery Sets
This stuff pack has three (3!) new nursery sets, which are recolors of Maxis nursery items. They include those pictured below as well as the Little Ballerina nursery set, which is of my own creation.

 photo MTS_thumb_jadedicara-719415-JIKielyNursery_zps81eef1d9.jpg
Stripes and Dots Nursery Set

 photo MTS_thumb_jadedicara-714662-snapshot_00000009_34bc8523_zps497efbbe.jpg
Paisley Nursery Set

This set also includes two (2!) new custom career tracks as well as a download of my Little Steps Academy, for anyone who hasn't yet downloaded it.

The file is 32.5 MB, so it's not too terribly big. Once you open up the zip file, you will find that I've placed everything into a nice folder for you. If you like your downloads folder organized, I would extract this folder all in one piece. If you don't care, go ahead and open it up. But once it is in your downloads folder I advise you to open the .sims2pak files, or else you won't get the entire stuff pack!

Thanks to the following creators:

Special thanks to:

And of course, me, Bubblepop!


  1. Anonymous26/3/13 07:20

    Thank you! I am so happy you compiled this; I was disappointed EA never put together something like this. But this comes to show how wonderful and talented the community of Simmers is.

  2. Anonymous21/3/14 08:17

    This download isn't working properly. If I can get it to download it has 1 small file in zip, other tried it just doesn't work. Thank you and I'll just check back later.

    1. Hi there! I checked the file and it seems to be working just fine. The folder you see is the full stuff pack all wrapped up, open it and you should see all the items.

  3. Anonymous4/2/15 14:08

    I would like for some one to please please link me to a baby swing with its mesh please

    1. Hi there! This set actually includes a baby swing, mesh and all!

  4. I think I might have installed it wrong. When I put it in the Downloads folder the game crashed upon opening. Did I miss a step? I'm not sure I understand how to do it.

    1. That's weird, it should work properly. Maybe some error, or did you enable the custom content stuff?

      Meh, I haven't download this and I will try it if there's anything wrong with this.