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Hey y'all, it's me, SimTorials. Today I'm gonna show you how to change the background on the little family photo you get when you make a new family. Yours doesn't have to be as silly as mine, it can just be a solid color, but I thought I'd have a little fun with it.

 photo step1_zps4e48d508.png
Step 1: Select the picture you want to use as your background. For best results, make sure the dimensions are 600 x 450, otherwise it'll wind up stretched out or squashed.

 photo step2_zps2b1b2fff.png
Step 2: Move or copy the picture to the Storytelling folder in your EA Games folder.

 photo step3_zps16a7f8a2.png
Step 3: Delete the picture called "CAS_auto_bg"

 photo step4_zps24ca2fdb.png
Step 4: Rename your new background picture "CAS_auto_bg"

 photo Snapshot-5_zps7fd97629.png
The result is something like this.

I thought this would be an interesting thing to do, seeing as maybe not everyone liked that old blue background or wanted a change. This will work with all photos. I'm not sure about formats- I'll have to test it some more. Or you could screw around with it. Just remember this will only apply to families you make after the next time you open the game. Later!
(And, yes, I am a Hetalia fan. Picture by khakipants12 on deviantart.)

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