Contest: The Flags!

Hey all! Because February is my birthday month I've decided to hold a little contest.
The basis of the contest is to get creative with my flag base lots. If you want to enter, simply download the base of your choice, build a creative lot on it, and either post a link to some pics in the comments of this post or send them to SimTorial (my little slave assistant) here. I won't give bonus points for using my objects in the lot, but I do appreciate it! : )

-No removing the carpeting that is the flag. You may add whatever flooring you like on second through fifth floors, if you so choose to include these.
-Stay within the lot constraints (listed below).
-You can make any kind of lot you choose (community, residential, dorm...) but you must do the converting on your own, as the bases are zoned for residential lots.
-You can only enter once!
-Get your entry in by Feb 25. On Feb 28 (my birthday) I will announce the winner of the contest! Their lot will be featured on the website as a little inspiration for these flag base lots, so make sure the pictures are nice! If I find one that I just can't resist using as an honorable mention, I'll post that as well, so you may be mentioned even if you don't win.

The most creative lot wins!

Building Constraints
Well the flag base has to have a purpose, doesn't it? The only exception to these building constraints is if you want to place a driveway (however any garages must remain inside the constraints).

For the CANADA base:
You must stay inside the maple leaf.

For the AMERICA base:
You can either pick one stripe color to remain inside, or try a challenge and stay inside the blue area for the stars.

For the ENGLAND base:
You must stay out of the blue area.

For the FRANCE base:
You must stay inside the center stripe.

For the JAPAN base:
You must stay inside the center dot.

For the LATVIA base:
You must stay inside the center stripe.

Above all, be creative and have fun!

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