SimTorial 1: Napping in some strange places...

Hey y'all, it's SimTorial! I'm here with my first tutorial for the site, but it's really more of a tip. I thought it was interesting that toddlers could appear to be sleeping on a sofa if you have an invisible crib recolor, so I thought I'd go through and make a list of all the things toddlers (and older sims) can appear to doze off on with an invisible crib or bed recolor.
Remember, of course, that nothing is exactly the same height, so toddlers may go through things or appear to float slightly, but you can't be too picky with these kinds of tricks.

Invisible crib:
Coffee tables
Club Cube by Luminescent Projections
Above-ground hot tubs (if you're weird)
Piano benches (with snapobjects cheat)
The bottom shelf of a bar (if you're still weird)
Exercise machines (if you're really weird)

Invisible bed:
Coffins (while open, in a human sleeping position)
Back of The Smord P328
Backseat of The Yomoshoto Evasion (children only, with snapobjects cheat)
Boxy Lady Hedges (if you're still weird)

This list only includes Maxis objects, so if anyone knows a good custom one for this purpose, speak up in the comments!

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