Buy Mode- Resorted!

I saw a few of these mods online and I thought, hmm, there are a few things that seem out of place to me. Plus everyone who's ever downloaded CC knows that that deco folder swells up like a balloon. So here I've recategorized a few things to make it not so folder-crushingly large.
(I wish I could provide screenshots of the new bins, but my computer does not let me take them whilst in Sims!)

First off, I moved both computers to Electronics/Entertainment, because we all know that computers are really for entertainment and that TVs and Computers tab fills up quickly with custom TVs and laptops and whatever. I also moved all those streetlights from Lighting/Misc to Lighting/Outdoor because come on! They're streetlights, they're not going to go indoors. I never understood that. The appliances tab became more of a kitchen tab, as I moved a few deco items to Appliances/Misc, such as the hanging pots and pans and the napkin holder because these are not art, they are just decorations for a kitchen (and would be far more than decorations if sims used them the way we do). Misc/Kids picked up a few things as well, and I moved that one bench that's in loveseats to Seating/Misc, because it didn't make much sense to me to have two benches there and one in with the indoor loveseats. Perhaps the two biggest things are that I moved all the Maxis fountains to Plumbing/Misc (again to free up space in the deco tab) and both fish tanks to Misc/Pets (because fish are pets. You feed them, they are pets.). There were a  few other things shifted around here and there, but that's basically it. I've separated the changes by expansion/stuff pack, so take what you have and plop 'em in.

ATTENTION: Normal methods of custom content installation will not work! These files must go into the folder: C:/ Program Files (x86)/ EA GAMES/ Most Recent EP/ EP (highest number)/ TSData/ Res/ Catalog/ Bins. Otherwise they will not work properly!

And yes, that is all. I don't have the other expansions/stuff packs (except Celebration Stuff, whose items do not seem to be working in SimPE), so I will be posting my catalog edits of their content at a later date.

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