How to make an Onsen

Don't get me wrong, I love the look of reica's onsens. But what if you want to do a group scene in like, a machinima or something and only four people per onsen just doesn't cut it? Well, my friend, SimTorial is here to help!

 photo snapshot_fcd4a30a_7e2d6b94_zps3b44d1c5.jpg
First off, make a pond. Depth doesn't really matter, but it shouldn't be too shallow.

 photo snapshot_fcd4a30a_7e2d6bb0_zps941e37c5.jpg
Next, level out the bottom.

 photo snapshot_fcd4a30a_1e2d6bcb_zps866cac38.jpg
Then use the level tool thingy to reduce it to the size you want. Recommended minimum is 4x5, 3x4 if you are using two-tile seats.

 photo snapshot_fcd4a30a_7e2d6be6_zps813f91d7.jpg
Place your chairs (the sims must already be sitting on them). This will take a steady hand and a lot of patience. The benches should sort of be "perching on the edge" of the little pond.

 photo snapshot_fcd4a30a_1e2e2542_zps9e4e9133.jpg
Finally, add some plants and rocks and stuff to make it look realistic. Final result: This.

Well, have fun!

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