Sim Kit: Carmen and Camille (twins)

Morning, y'all! Since I absolutely cannot get Bodyshop open to give you a full uploadable sim, I've decided to put together a little "sim kit" so you can assemble these two yourself. Just follow the instructions in the readme or at the very least look at the pictures included in the file.
 photo snapshot_1e241d8f_de242227_zpsc6bf5e08.jpg
Carmen and Camille are an adorable set of ten-year-old identical twins. They live in a suburban house somewhere in America, and they are the best of friends, making their way in the world in their own style.

 photo snapshot_1e241d8f_5e24225d_zpsf98972e6.jpg

 photo snapshot_1e241d8f_7e24229e_zpsca7a060d.jpg
This is Carmen. She's quiet, shy, and serious, and always thinks before she acts. However she's a natural leader and tends to have her sister trailing along behind her rather than the opposite.

 photo snapshot_1e241d8f_1e2422a8_zps49cc27dc.jpg
And this is Camille. She's the more carefree sister and is always out to have fun. She loves life and diving headfirst into everything she does. She's less practical than Carmen and more freespirited.

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