Aubree baby set-for boys!

I was excited as usual when Jess and her husband finally conceived after trying so hard. But I was even more excited, because it meant I could finally try out the Aubree set that came with Toddler N Baby Stuff! I had everything set up for their beautiful little girl.....But they had a boy!
While I'm sure Charlie doesn't mind that he's sitting in pink jumparoos and  swing chairs, it looks kind of silly, so I decided to recolor this set in blue for little boys. Also because there hasn't been a girl born in Stonebridge since Shannon Terry, and she's halfway through childhood!

 photo snapshot_0000000e_3ec47e20_zpsff02ca23.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000000e_dec47e0d_zpsec1381e2.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000000e_9ec47e00_zpsf32a6a35.jpg

 photo snapshot_0000000e_3ec47dfb_zpseb3e8c05.jpg

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