Extended Day- For parents who work.

Hey there! I thought I'd try my hand at making a custom school, and the first thing that came to my mind was extended day. When I was in elementary school (before every other kid could walk or drive themselves home) I would always see kids who came in incredibly early or stayed incredibly late because their parents worked and no one could pick them up. And I thought, doesn't this sometimes apply to sims? I know some people get annoyed because they have to hire a nanny for their one kid because both parents will be out of the house for two hours before/after school. So I bring you...extended days! Your sim children will now get on the bus at 7 AM and not come home 'til 5 PM, leaving plenty of time for their parents to get home from work (or get their latest affair bundled out the door before the kids get home...this mod has more than one advantage!). To use, you'll need the school changer at Simlogical.

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