The Sims 2: Child Life

Hello and welcome to all! Haha. Anyway, you've all been waiting for it, so I now give you the Child Life Hack Pack! This pack includes many different hacks, all related to babies, toddlers, and children. It's time the little tykes got more attention! I've included many hacks from popular and lesser-known creators, plus one or two of my own! I have not used hacks or mods that are known to conflict with many things, and have tested the pack thoroughly in my own game (so you know it's garaunteed!) to rid it of all conflicts. I have also not included hacks that need anything more than base game to work (as much as I wanted to include the Kids Stay Home Sick mod) so it works like a regular expansion pack. So, yeah. There's a list of everything the hack pack does below, as well as a list of creators. I'll also include a guide in the folder with these lists in case you get lost. Like Toddler N Baby Stuff, the zip file contains everything in a nice little folder for those of you who like to keep your downloads organized, and every hack is very clearly labeled. I do have to note that if you do experience strange paranormal activity, blue smoke, or sims doing backflips and detatching their heads, I would advise that you take this pack out first. (Feel free to add stable things back in with the 50/50 method afterward. No sense getting rid of everything for one buggy hack.) So, yeah. Thanks again to all the creators of these wonderful wonderful hacks.

1. No free bottles/toddler mush
2. Sims will sit with bottle (when their comfort level is low)
3. Sims feeding babies will move away from the fridge
4. Smart milk will work with high chairs
5. Custom toy box fix.
6. Homework can be sometimes.
7. Homework can get done faster.
8. Homework can be fun.
9. Triplets & Quads are possible.
10. Kids can wet the bed.
11. No musical cribs. (That is, sims won't take a baby out of a crib to put it in another crib.)
12. Toddlers sleep through the night.
13. Kids can change schools easily.
14. Five new schools! Prep school, weekly boarding school, flexi school, all the time boarding school, school vacation.
15. Baby monitor to wake sleeping sims when baby cries.
16. Reservable cribs (for multiples).
17. Kids put homework where you choose.
18. Parents can bribe the headmaster to get kids into private school.
19. School no longer tanks fun.
20. Toddlers are dressed in day clothes during the day and pajamas at night.
21. Kids get partial credit for unfinished homework.
22. Babies cannot be picked up by visitors.
23. Children can cook basic meals.
24. Little girls now wear panties instead of boyshorts and undershirts.
25. Children can get bottles for toddlers.
26. Toddlers will no longer wait for a toy in use.
27. Mothers can breast-feed babies!
28. You can change baby clothes!!

Thanks to
Inge Jones
Chris Hatch
And of course, me, Bubblepop!


  1. Anonymous1/8/16 21:09

    Hi, I'm very late, and I'm still that person who plays Sims 2, but if anyone gets hold of this, I'm having a problem with it in game.I downloaded it, and I could the things the mod includes, but about every 10 seconds, it says there's an error with my Sim! I'm not sure if I downloaded this wrong, or what but it seems very cool and unique and would love to be able to use this mod!

    1. Hi there. Do the errors occur when you click on a fridge as well as randomly? If so, you'll have to remove the hacks that have to do with fridges and food. The rest should work fine.

    2. Anonymous3/8/16 20:37

      No, I'm not having trouble with the fridge, but I'm not sure if it's this mod or a house I downloaded, but I aged my child into a teen, and her face literally looks like a newspaper. It happened with all of my girl teens and I can't get it to go away. ;/

    3. ...I feel like that's just some serious corruption.