The Clinic

This one has an intended purpose.
If you're running a small little neighborhood and sickness breaks out, usually it's all over the place before you can stop it, and whenever you think everyone's well, suddenly out of nowhere someone else gets sick, right?
Well no more!
Now you can move your sick sims into this clinic lot and play it on normal rotation. It has lots of beds that will have them sleeping for a long time, as well as plenty of sit-down activities and a nice kitchen that can be used to make comfort soup. You can also have a playable doctor to hold down the lot (making them immune of course!) and have them live in the on-site doctor's suite.
Now, I got this idea from simsfreq of modthesims, and the first thing I thought was, "That would be a good way to run a clinic in a medieval hood." So you know what? I actually made two versions of this lot for the price of one! The first version and the one I'll be showing you pictures of is the modern version. The second is the medieval version, which is the exact same floorplan and design, just styled to look more period-appropriate. But anyway, long explanation aside, I hope you get as much use out of this building as I hope to myself. And without any further ado, the lot pictures.

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